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iPhone 4S Surpasses Expectations… And Now You Want One

When the iPhone 4 S was first announced just over two weeks ago, reactions were not all positive. Since it wasn’t the iPhone 5 that everyone had anticipated, many people were quick to judge. However, after the new features were actually tested (when the iPhone 4S was finally release on Friday), it looks as though many of those same people are changing their minds.

iPhone 4S

We ran a quick poll on our Facebook Page to see what our fans thought about the iPhone 4S. Some of their favorite features included the new notification system, the enhanced camera, and of course, Siri.

Our fans weren’t the only ones that thought these features were awesome. According to a survey by Loopt, 45% of people think the coolest thing about the iPhone 4S is Siri, followed closely by 22% who love the new camera.

If just thinking the features are amazing isn’t enough, iPhone 4S preorders sold out in just 24 hours—and the phone (less than a week after being released) is on back order.

However, we realize that it might have taken you a little bit to warm up to the idea of the iPhone 4S—and there’s nothing wrong with that. So if you’re just coming around to the idea of trading up, we’re here to help. Thru Monday, October 24, we’re guaranteeing $200 for iPhone 4! (The must be free of major dents, scratches or cracks.)

That $200 is enough to give you a FREE upgrade!

$200 for iPhone 4

Even if your iPhone 4S is on backorder, you can lock-in this $200 price for twenty-one days. Just postmark your phone by the twenty-first day and you’re guaranteed that price.

What are you waiting for? Lock-in your price now!

iPhone Announcement Day!

Today’s the day—at 1 PM Tim Cook will take the stage at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters. Media invitations for the event simply stated, “Let’s Talk iPhone.” And with the rumors that have been circulating about the next smartphone, the event may be Apple’s most highly-anticipated announcement yet.

We’ve been busy over the past week as you’ve all been locking in your 21-day prices. While our iPhone 4 promotion has ended, we are still offering great values for your old iPhone.

And no matter how busy we’ve been, we’ve also been chomping at the bit—just like you have— to see what Apple has come up with next.

We can’t help but think how the world stood in awe back in 2007 when Steve Jobs announced the original iPhone. Since then, he’s managed to blow us away with three additional versions of the iPhone. Somehow, though, we don’t doubt that Apple will blow us away again tomorrow.

What are you most excited to hear about today? iPhone 5, iCloud, iOS5… something else?

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