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How to: Recycle Your DVDs

Over the years, we’ve all accumulated a large DVD and Blu-ray collection in our homes. Some of these movies we haven’t watched in a while, but we had to have them when they were released.

Instead of stockpiling your movies for a rainy day, use NextWorth to recycle your DVDs and use the cash you earned to buy a gadget you’ll use everyday.

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Follow these simple steps to trade-in your DVDs:

1. Visit and locate the category: TV series, Blu-ray, DVDs

2. Choose which DVD you’d like to sell and answer these simple questions:

  • Disc cracked or heavily scratched?
  • Fully functional?
  • Original case?
  • Original artwork?

3. After answering the questions, you’ll receive your quote. Add the item to your cart, print your free shipping label, and drop your DVD off at your local UPS store. That’s it! (Yes, you read that correctly—NextWorth pays for the shipping, not you.)

Once we receive your DVD, we’ll inspect it and confirm its value. Then you’ll receive your check, gift card, or PayPal deposit in about a week.

Don’t want to spend the time shipping your DVDs and waiting for the check? Visit our retail partners, and trade in-store. You can receive instant store credit or a gift card you can use on anything you like!

4 Things you Didn’t Know You Could Sell Online (via NextWorth)

There are two things you might not know about us here at NextWorth:

  1. We offer both online and in-store trade options
  2. Our list of accepted devices is much longer than just smartphones, laptops and tablets.

We’ve written about our in-store trades (via Target) before, but we don’t always talk about the large array of devices we accept through these programs. Today we pinpointed four gadgets that you probably didn’t know we buy…and we encourage you to dig them out and trade them in today!

PSP 3000


PSP tradesIf your thumbs long ago tired of playing FIFA and LEGO Batman everywhere you went, it might be time to throw in the towel. That doesn’t mean, however, that your PSP needs to become a nearly $200 paperweight! Instead, trade in in for cash to put toward your next thumb cramp-inducing device!

Graphing Calculators


Do cosines and quadrants make your head spin? Was the last time you used a graphing calculator during a high school math class? If you said yes to either of these questions, never fear, NextWorth is here to help! We accept HP and TI graphing calculators so you can add money to your bank account without first doing a proof about it.

Portable WiFi GPS Navigator (Garmin)

We all know that our smartphones will soon take over the world. Consequently, there’s been a decline in the use of everyday devices like alarm clocks, cameras and GPS. Since Google Maps tells you where to go these days, sell that portable GPS device for cash—you can use it to buy snacks during your next road trip.

Old TV Series on DVD


sell tv series online

Whatever your 30- or 60- minute poison is, it’s likely you’ve watched the episodes enough times to star in a real-time play of the series. Or maybe your taste has adapted from five years ago when you bought the entire collection of Golden Girls on DVD. Whatever the reason is, if you’re ready to sell your TV series on DVD, we’re ready to buy.

Which of these do you have at home? Are you ready to make a trade? If so, click here to get started!