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NextWorth Offers Pre-Black Friday Bonus

Before you hit the stores for Black Friday shopping, lock in your price quote for Amazon Kindle trade-ins. From now until November 26th, we’re offering a 50% bonus value on any Amazon Kindle trade-in, no matter the condition or model of the device.

To take advantage of this offer, simply use the promo code, “BLCK50” at checkout and the 50% bonus value will automatically be applied. We want to help you sell your electronics for the most cash this holiday season.

Whether you’re upgrading your current Amazon Kindle to a new one or making the switch to an iPad Air, we’re here to help you go get the devices you really want—for yourself or the loved ones in your life.

Looking to get even more out of your electronic trade-ins? When choosing your payment method on at checkout, select the NextWorth Discover Prepaid Card and get an automatic 5% bonus value on your trade-in. This 5% bonus will be in addition to any promotional codes, such as “BLCK50.” 

How to: Trade-in a Kindle

Here at NextWorth, we accept hundreds of different devices. Today, however, we’re looking a one that’s become increasingly popular in the past few years: the Kindle e-reader. Whether you have the first version, the Kindle Touch or the Kindle Fire, if you’re ready for a change, we can help.

When you’re ready to trade-in your Kindle, here are three easy steps:

trade-in a kindle for cash

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  1. Visit and locate the Kindle section
  2. Choose which Kindle you have and answer these simple questions:
    • Does it power on?
    • Does the batter work?
    • Are the buttons all present and functional?
    • Is the display fully functional?
    • Is the screen damaged?
    • Are there dents or chips in the body?
    • Are there scratches on the body?
    • Is the audio jack fully functional?
    • Is the AC charger included?
    • Is the USB adapter included?
  3. Get your quote and free shipping label, box it up and send it to us!

It’s that simple. Once we receive your Kindle and inspect it, you’ll receive a check (or giftcard) in about a week. Want to make your trade in person? That’s easy, too! Simply locate a participating Target store near you, and stop by to trade in your Kindle (or any other gadget you’d like to trade).

Do you have any questions about trading in your Kindle? We’re happy to answer them! Simply leave a comment below and we’ll answer as soon as possible.