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NextWorth Offers After Holidays 25% Bonus Value on iPod Trade-ins

The presents may already be unwrapped but we’re not finished with our gift giving. We’re giving you a 25% bonus value on all iPod trade-ins on when you use our after holidays promo code from now until the end of the year.

The after holidays bonus applies to all iPod trade-ins, no matter the condition or model of the device. To take advantage of this offer, use the promo code, “25IPODS” at checkout and the 25% bonus value will automatically be applied to your iPod trade-in. Promo code ends on December 31st.

Here at NextWorth, we’re in a giving mood year-round and want to help you go get the things you really want! When selling your iPod, make sure to select the NextWorth Discover prepaid card as your payment of choice to receive an extra 5% bonus value on your trade-in. Also, sign up for our Refer-a-Friend program to get a $10 reward for every friend that completes a $50 trade-in using your custom link. Your friend will also get a 10% bonus on their trade-in value. Not only are we continually giving to you, but we’re helping to give to your friends too!

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NextWorth Hosts Apple Upgrade Event with a 20% Bonus Value on All iPhone, iPad, and iPod Trade-ins

We’re celebrating the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference with a special promo code to help you get more out of your Apple experience. That’s why during the month of June, we’re offering an increase in cash back to help you upgrade your Apple devices!

From now until June 30, get a 20% trade-in bonus on all iPhone, iPad, and iPod trade-ins. Simply enter the promo code “BONUS20” at checkout and the bonus will automatically be applied to your trade-in. No matter the model or condition of your device, you can receive the 20% trade-in bonus.

Upgrade your Apple devices with NextWorth:

It’s time for a bigger, better iPhone. Drooling over the iPhone 5 or want to make the switch to the Samsung Galaxy S4? Sell your iPhone and get up $220.

Ready for a new iPad. Wish you had retina display? Sell your iPad and get up to $470. Ready to upgrade? Sell your iPad Mini and get up to $360.

Upgrade your iPod. Your music should thank you when you’re blasting tunes at the gym on an upgraded iPod. Sell your iPod and get up to $73.

These up to trade-in amounts don’t include the BONUS20 promo code, which allows you to receive a 20% trade-in bonus value on ALL iPhone, iPad, and iPod trade-ins!

No matter what device you’re trading in, it’s easy to sell electronics with NextWorth! Select your device from our website, answer a few simple condition questions, and you’ll get a price quote. (Don’t forget to apply the promo code BONUS20 for a 20% bonus value!) Before you know it, you’re ready to trade-in using our prepaid shipping label. After inspection of the device, you can expect payment in about a week.

Can’t wait to ship your device in and get paid? Sell electronics in-store at select NextWorth retail partners and upgrade instantly.  

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