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BlackBerry 10 Review Round-up

It’s been a week since the BlackBerry 10 announcement, and a few reviewers have already gotten their hands on the new smartphone before it hits stores in the U.S. mid-March. Is it a must-buy, or a bad berry? Read the top reviews here:

Time says, “BlackBerry has been building a mobile operating system that’s fresh, fun and functional. It’s put the software on a handset that’s recognizable both as a current smart phone and as a BlackBerry.”

Computerworld says, “[BlackBerry Z10] is a great smartphone with a fantastic browser and impressive screen resolution that, taken together, address major flaws in previous BlackBerry touchscreen phones.”

Digital Trends says,  “Like a well-tailored business suit, the Z10 is good-looking and put together but not so flashy that it draws attention away from what’s important: in this case, the screen. Edge-to-edge glass covers the front to create an elegant feel.”

ZDNet says, “The BlackBerry Z10 is a nicely designed, minimalist handset with a superb touchscreen and good technical specifications that include LTE and NFC support. The new BlackBerry 10 operating system delivers a satisfying user experience once you get used to it.”

Although we haven’t seen the Blackberry 10 devices in person yet, we’re convinced BlackBerry users will be happy with the upgrade. Have an old BlackBerry you want to get rid of to upgrade to the BlackBerry Z10? Trade-in with NextWorth! Use the price calculator to see how much your current BlackBerry (or other smartphone) is worth.

Are you planning to upgrade your phone to BlackBerry Z10 or are you happy with your current device? Please share in the comments below!