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How Smartphones Are Replacing Your Digital Camera

With the recent Apple Announcement about the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, we’re all buzzing about their impressive capabilities. The iPhone 5S in particular is slated to have a much better camera—better even than your digital camera you might ask? Some would say, yes. As we take a look into new technology, we can pinpoint how smartphones are slowly but surely on the move to replace your digital camera.

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With iOS 7 on its way, your digital camera just might become obsolete. Here’s why.

Preference: With new technology on its way—particularly in the form of the iPhone 5S—the functionality of the digital camera is being overlooked. The new iPhone will have an improved iSight camera, which for the average person, is more than enough. Not only that, but there are a plethora of simple tips and tricks for perfecting your smartphone photography ability.

Sales Decline: The fact of the reality is: there has recently been a steady decline in the sales of digital cameras. On the other side of that, there’s been an increase in consumer spending on smartphones. You do the math.

Growing trend: A growing number of consumers are finding it much easier to use their smartphones to capture and share images, versus using their digital camera for the same purpose. It’s easier to engage in social sharing and photo touch-ups right from your phone and the simple click of a button.  For the type of photography that most consumers are interested in, the smartphone can provide the same capabilities—without having to purchase an extra device, and a costly one at that.

What does it all mean? Overall, we never forget to take our phones with us. Because of the easy accessibility, increased means of sharing, and satisfactory camera functions, the smartphone is quickly taking over as a multi-purpose picture-taking device. Not only that, but there is always room for improvement as new smartphones are introduced almost every year.

Surprise, surprise—you might be saying goodbye to your cameras sooner than you think. On the whole, there’s no better time to start looking into selling your old cameras.

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How to: Trade-in a Digital Camera

Digital cameras, for many people, are less useful than they used to be. With most of us having smartphones with built-in cameras and memory, it doesn’t make much sense to carry around a camera and a phone. If this sounds like you, then this post is for you.

Today we’re showing you how easy it is to trade-in an old or unused digital camera for cash. Whether you have a Kodak EasyShare or a Nikon Coolpix (or anything in between), we’re ready to give you cash for it. Here’s how:

1. Visit and locate the Digital Camera calculator (Point and shoot or DSLR)

2. Choose which camera you have and answer these simple questions:

  • What is the condition of your item?
  • Does the camera power on?
  • Are pictures sharp and in focus?trade in a digital camera
  • Is the LCD image distorted?
  • Does the camera store photos to card?
  • Does the zoom function properly?
  • Are all buttons and dials functional?
  • Any scratches on the LCD screen?
  • Is the screen cracked?
  • Are there scratches on the body of the camera?
  • Is the battery rechargeable and included?
  • Is the external battery charger included?
  • Do you have the manual?
  • Do you have the original box?

3. Once you’ve answered the questions, you’ll get your quote and free shipping label. Simply box up your camera and send it to us!

After we receive your camera, we’ll inspect it and confirm (or adjust) your quote. Then we will send a check, gift card or PayPal deposit your way in about a week.

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