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How to: Trade-in a Calculator

Algebra class. Financial courses. Accountant jobs. These are all reasons you might need a calculator. Once you’re done with those classes and courses, though, what will you do with your calculator? We know it isn’t a cheap accessory—so don’t let it go to waste when you’re finished with it.

Whether you’re a Casio, HP or Texas Instruments user, we’re here to give you cash for your old calculator. It’s super simple!

sell graphing calculator

1. Visit and locate the Calculator category

2. Choose which calculator you’d like to sell and answer these simple questions:

  • What is the condition of your calculator?
  • Does it power on?
  • Are all buttons present and functional?
  • Is the display ok?
  • Is the case included?

3. After answering the questions, you’ll receive your quote. Add the item to your cart, print your free shipping label and drop your calculator off at your local UPS store. That’s it!

Once we receive your calculator, we’ll inspect it and confirm your value. Then you’ll receive your check, gift card or PayPal deposit in about a week.

While you’re trading in your calculator, why not sign up for our Refer-A-Friend program? It’s free—and you’ll be rewarded when your friends make trades!