Return Policy

Any item that matches the original quote or greater cannot be returned to you, and in the case of sales with multiple items we will only return the items that have been re-priced.

Re-pricing occurs when there is a discrepancy between what is specified and the product received. NextWorth forgives differences that are less than $10 from the originally quoted amount and pays the original quoted amount. For differences greater than $10 from the quoted value, NextWorth informs the customer via email and gives customers TWO (2) BUSINESS DAYS to either have their item sent back free of charge or accept the lower amount. If we do not hear back from the customer within TWO (2) BUSINESS DAYS, NextWorth will automatically issue payment for the adjusted amount.

PLEASE NOTE IF YOUR ITEM DOES NOT HAVE VALUE AFTER IT IS RE-PRICED AND YOU DO NOT REPLY TO OUR RE-PRICE EMAIL WITHIN TWO BUSINESS DAYS YOUR ITEM(S) WILL BE RECYCLED. We remove protective layers and/or casing to check condition of your item(s). If you want your item back for any reason, we are not responsible for any accessories, including chargers, external shells, casings or protective layers on your item(s).

Our customers expect a fair and honest quote from us and we expect honesty and accuracy in how our customers evaluate their items. The company reserves the right at all times to determine whether an abuse to our system and services has been made for any reason. If we determine an abuse to our system has occurred, we will not provide free return shipping. Any customer whose sale has been deemed as abuse will be responsible for the cost of having their item returned to them. As with all sales, only those items that have an error in submission will be eligible to be returned. Abuse of our system may include, but is not limited to: a significant change in the condition of an item, submitting an item as a clearly different model, or submitting an item as a working item when it is clearly broken.