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Word to Your Mother Earth

We're looking at you!

We’re looking at you!

Who has two thumbs and a junk drawer full of dusty gadgets and miscellaneous electrical items?


You have those things.

Earth Day is Saturday, and while we are not the first brand to post a blog about how to responsibly recycle old electronics, it doesn’t make the matter any less important! Over the last handful of years, we’ve seen countless new consumer electronics emerge into market — bluetooth speakers, earphones, new generations of tablets, phones, computers, and the many wearables that have since been deserted out of disinterest.

And as new generations hit shelves, the existing products tend to have short life cycles — which leads to a massive spike in solid waste generation around the globe. So how can you responsibly rid your junk drawer of those once-useful gadgets and miscellaneous electrical items that are just collecting dust? We’ve got some ideas:

1. If you have old phones swimming around your junk drawer: Trade them in! Nowadays, mobile devices are fairly easy to find new homes for. If you wanted to score some cash while you clean out your drawer, we take a whole heap of devices. Here’s where you can determine if your devices are eligible for trade-in. Or, if you’re better off recycling, the EPA also has has a full list of places you can go to recycle a device.

Or! If your device is in working condition and you want to flex your humanitarian muscles, consider upcycling. Cell Phones for Soldiers and NCADV, are two great organizations that give donated mobile phones to soldiers and battered women and children who cannot afford such devices. To check other organizations that accept donated phones and devices, click here.

2. If you’ve got working laptops, tablets, or iPads laying around: Well, you can still trade them in, or you can donate them to Goodwill. Dell and Goodwill have partnered together to form Dell Reconnect, a recycling system that accepts almost any brand of computer or anything that can be connected to a computer. And with a Goodwill on every corner plus tax write-offs – what are you waiting for?

3. If you are letting your toddler pretend that iPod is a cell phone: Apple wants it back. Thanks to the likes of Spotify and Pandora, music streaming services have made music-playing devices like iPods, CD players, and auxiliary/headphone cords seem prehistoric. Fortunately, Apple’s among some of the brands who wants their products back – even if they’re obsolete. According to Apple, they were able to collect 2,200 pounds ($40 million) of resourced gold from recycled devices last year!

Happy Earth Day!

Tech We Love



Can you feel the love this month? In the spirit of naked winged babies armed with heart-shaped arrows at you, we’ve put together a list of the top tech we’re loving right now. From backpacks to laptops to iPods (you read that right) – use this list as your Valentine’s Day buying guide, or just treat yourself to some new gear because, well, you’re an adult.


Check it out:

  1. Dell XPS 13: Dell has won the laptop race once again and made the top of our list with the release of the Dell XPS 13. We are loving this super thin, 11- inch screen laptop. It weighs a measly 2.7 pounds and can last up to 14 hours on a single charge — plus! With a 7th generation Intel processor, this thing will never be running behind you. Did we mention that it comes in the color rose gold? Sleek and on-trend. We like it.
  2. HP Powerup Backpack: Heck. Yes. HP Powerup backpack has revolutionized the backpack and portable charger game. With a 22,400mAh battery, this backpack will fully charge your phone 10 times and your laptop 3 times before it itself needs to recharge. This bag looks super slick, with a grey exterior and black leather trimming. It also has the capabilities to control the temperature of the backpack (!!) – providing ventilation and making sure that your devices stay as cool as you are (sorry). The Powerup bag starts at $160 on Amazon, which is a little steep, but well worth the price.
  3. Samsung Galaxy Tablet S2: Don’t you hate it when you arrive at your favorite trendy coffee shop, ready to get some freelance work done, but can’t find a table that’ll fit your dinosaur laptop, mouse pad, and nearby outlet for inevitable charging? Same. Thankfully, the Samsung tablet family continues to blaze the powerful portability trails. The Samsung Galaxy S2 tablet has proven to be top of the line with an octa-core processor, expandable memory, and a Super AMOLED display. Not only is multi-tasking on this device a breeze, it has the capabilities to edit the big Microsoft Office apps — Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. This tablet starts at $350, about half the price of an average laptop.
  4. Resident Evil 7: What’s more romantic than your significant other traveling to an abandoned plantation to revive your mutant body? Nothing, probably. For Ethan Winters, saving his wife, Mia, from the hands of a T-virus is the objective. Resident Evil 7 made its debut to gamers on January 24th of this year and it has proven to be one of the best games yet. Not only can you play this game on a PC, Xbox 1, and PlayStation 4 – but this game has a virtual reality component too. RE7 is one of the only survival horror games playable on PlayStation VR. We are thoroughly impressed with the realistic graphics, challenging objectives, and detailed storyline. For a cool $59.99, you can help Ethan save Mia before the clock strikes Valentine’s Day.
  5. iPod Nano 7th Generation: That’s right. An iPod. Tired of having to delete files on your phone to make available space? Simplify your life by revisiting your old pal the iPod. With Apple Music, the 7th generation iPod Nano is a great, cheap alternative for listening to and storing music. This 2.5 inch, touchscreen device reminds us of an iPod touch because of its incorporation of the home button and support for Bluetooth headphones. With the 16GB costing just under $150, there is nothing more compact and convenient. Plus, the iPod comes with a free side of nostalgia.

Happy shopping!

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