Tech The Halls with Boughs of Gadgets


2016 was a major year for tech. Google’s Pixel and Home roll out, Apple’s gaggle of new gadgets, and tons more. And as the holiday season continues barrelling along, parents and Cool Uncles alike are no doubt on the prowl for the best deal for the tech-lover in their lives.

The good news is, the internet is bursting with blogs listing the top tech gifts this season. And we are no exception! But below is not just a list of perfect items for the tech enthusiast, but these are items eligible to trade in, and trade up for the latest and greatest version. Check it out!

  1. Snag the iPhone 7 Plus (You know you want to).

    The iPhone 7 Plus iOS camera software yields stunning portrait shots and an insane optical zoom that you’ll forget it’s a phone. Beyond the killer camera function, the newest phones from Apple are faster, better, and water resistant. Thinking about gifting one? Old iPhones command the best resale value, so trade up!

  2. Get a Google Pixel.

    Don’t want to take the Apple plunge? Scared that your Samsung is going to explode? Get a Google Pixel. Google’s foray into wireless is an undisputed hit. Give us your old iPhone or Samsung phone and she’s yours.

  3. GoPro or go home.

    GoPro released two new Hero5 models this year, packed with features that’ll turn any novice cameraperson into, well, a pro. Trade-in your old models and start capturing those “oh sh*t!” moments.

  4. Countdown to Santa with the Apple Watch Series 1 & 2.

    New processors, design, and features. Same perfect gift. Plus, the backlog/order wait times have been reduced. Win!

  5. Boogie down with Beats.

    Bluetooth speakers, especially Beats Pill, are crazy popular gifts this season. Whether your giftee is young or old – they’re easy to use and sound so smooth. Trade in your older bluetooth speakers and get that upgrade!  

  6. On that note, wireless earbuds are all the rage.

    While we don’t *technically* take any headphones or earbuds (yet!), the Apple Pods (finally available as of this week!) Beats Solo 3 and Powerbeats 3 are a tech-lover’s dream when it comes to in-ear music experiences.

  7. Let’s get virtual, virtual.

    If you’re on the hunt for a VR-compatible phone, trade in your previously owned device and upgrade to a new one that works with Google and Samsung’s VR initiatives.

  8. The Drones are coming.

    Drone tech has come a long way in such a short time. New models have a longer battery life, sleeker body design, and fun functionalities! Prices coming down all the time, making it easier for hobbyist and hardcore diddlers to indulge. Trade in that , smartphone, tablet, action camera and laptop you no longer use, and score cash to grab one.

Happy Upgrading!

It’s Beginning to Look at Lot Like Black Friday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, steals, sales, and doorbusters are everywhere you look; inundating your newsfeeds with every scroll. There are a million sites all claiming to be the list of Black Friday scores, which, to us, can feel pretty overwhelming. We decided there should be a place where all the deals go – so we combed the internet and compiled our own list. Think of it as the ultimate list of lists of the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

Ready? Here we go!


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Happy shopping, but more importantly, Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at NextWorth!

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