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How to Choose the Best Electronic Trade-in Service

With the holidays upon us, it’s the perfect time to upgrade your electronics and trade-in the old ones for some holiday cash. To help you get the most cash for your devices, we’ve compiled a checklist of characteristics to consider when choosing where to trade-in your electronics.

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  • Price: the trade-in service consistently offers the highest price compared to competitors. Not only do they give you the most cash for your electronics, but also do they offer device promotions to give you even more?
  • Quote Window: when you place a quote with the trade-in company, how long do you have until you need to send in your device? Quote windows are important, especially if you’re waiting for a new device to ship.
  • Reputation: what are other people saying about the company? The trade-in service should be have a Better Business Bureau rating, and a good one at that!
  • Return Policy: sometimes there can be a downgrade from the initial price quote to the inspected price, does the trade-in service send your device back if you’re unsatisfied?
  • Forgiveness Policy: again, mistakes can happen. You may think your phone is in perfection condition, but there might be physical damage that affects the price quote. Does your trade-in service have a variance forgiveness policy?
  • Trade-in Options: does the trade-in service give you multiple options to trade-in? From trading in online to in-store, you should be able to decide what works best for you!
  • Payment Options: just like trade-in options, you should be able to choose which payment option makes the most sense for you. You should receive quick payment to go get the electronics you really want.

SPOILER ALERT: NextWorth has all of these characteristics and more!

We work hard to bring you the best prices on your electronic trade-ins and we offer a 30-Day Price Lock to help you hold on to your device as long as possible when upgrading. In terms of reputation, NextWorth has an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau and we’ve been in business since 2005 improving your trade-in experience month over month and year over year.

If you’re ever unsatisfied with your trade-in, our customer service works with you to make it right. That’s why if there’s a downgrade in the price quote, we give you 48 hours to request your device back and we’ll ship it to you free of charge. If there’s a less than $10 or 10% value difference from the price quote to the inspected quote, we automatically forgive it and pay you the full quoted amount.

We all love options, that’s why we offer multiple trade-in options online at or at over 1,500 retail locations nationwide including Target. Not only can you choose where to trade-in, but also how you get paid! Choose you trade-in payment via PayPal, check, gift card, or the NextWorth Discover Prepaid Card.

No matter what you trade-in, NextWorth wants to help you go get the things you really want this holiday season! See what devices you can trade-in. 

NextWorth is Thankful for You!

We’d like to stop and take a moment to say thank you to our wonderful customers and Refer-a-Friend program members. Without your support and belief in NextWorth, we wouldn’t be able to keep electronics out of landfills and reduce today’s e-waste for tomorrow.

NextWorth is working to bring you even more value, more ways to sell, and more security. We’re accomplishing these goals by:

  • Staying ahead of the latest market trends to offer you the best possible price
  • Guaranteeing price quotes for 30 days
  • Providing free shipping and insurance on your trade-in
  • Giving you more ways to sell with an in-store option at over 1,500 retail partners
  • Offering more ways for you to get paid with the NextWorth Discover Prepaid Card, PayPal, check, or Target gift card

From everyone here at NextWorth, we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and spend some quality time with friends and family.

As you’re planning or finalizing your holiday shopping, don’t forget NextWorth can help you go get the items on your list. Sell electronics for cash that can be used towards holiday shopping (Hint: we’ll be offering some great holiday bonuses so stay tuned on our Facebook Page for the official announcements). 

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