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Comparing Gaming Systems: Xbox One Vs. PlayStation 4

With the rumors surrounding Apple’s new operating system and upcoming iPhone announcement, you might be surprised that it’s not the only thing in technology that has us talking. This time, we’re taking a look at what’s cooking for new, upcoming gaming systems. With the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 nearing release, we can’t resist seeing which gaming console is in the driver’s seat.

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Check out some of the latest stats surrounding the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Game on!

Hearty Expectations: The Xbox 360 and PS3 have both sold over 75 million units. But will the next generation be as popular? Since both consoles have already maxed out their pre-order stock, signs seem to point to yes.

Price and Features: The launching price of the new PS4 is estimated to be around $399.99, while the Xbox One is estimated at $499.99.Both consoles allow for both DVD and Blu-Ray viewing, and they boast the same memory storage space (500 GB Hard) and cloud space accessibility.

Design: The Xbox One and PS4 are completely different when it comes to their design and bodywork. Microsoft’s Xbox One is far, far larger. Not only is it larger than the sleeker and slimmer PS4, but also it’s actually 10% larger than the preceding Xbox 360, which is probably to combat its overheating problem.

Launch and Exclusive Games: Gamescom 2013 has recently released the entire list of games that will be launched with the PS4. However, many of the upcoming games for both consoles aren’t exclusive. Seeing as how both consoles use the same processor architecture, porting between the two should be fairly easy. One difference is that the PS4 will reportedly have more exclusive games within the first year after launch.

Graphics: Sorry to disappoint you—but there’s really no cut and dry way to tell which console has better graphics. They both boast detailed graphics—and overall—the graphic capabilities vary from game to game within both consoles, and generally the difference is not that great.

Motion Control: While both consoles have motion control capabilities, Xbox One makes their Kinect come mandatory with the console as a whole unit, while the PS4 will continue using the Move, which is an optional motion control system that you can buy separately. However, PS4 controllers are now featuring the Move built-in, and the new Xbox Kinect is far more powerful than its predecessor as it discerns all joint movement.

Hopefully these stats make it a little easier for you to choose your gaming console. While both consoles have their various differences, they both allow for one thing: a great gaming experience.

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The Best iPhone Cases to Protect Your Phone this Fall

As much as you might try to deny it, there’s really no denying that we love our phones. We love them so much that we can’t go anywhere without them. We don’t blame you! And while making sure you have a phone to fit your needs is important, it’s even more important to keep phones protected after purchase. With the next iPhone release, we’re on the lookout again for the best phone cases to protect your phone this next upcoming season.

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Fall is the time of year for exciting new beginnings—just be sure your phone can be with you and protected through all your exciting activities. These cases can help!

  1. Tank by Casemate: The Tank is an aptly named smartphone case. Its military-grade construction and standards make this rugged polycarbonate exterior and soft, cushioning silicone exterior perfect for protecting against water, shocks, drops, vibrations, wind, sand, and pretty much anything else you can imagine. Its retractable screen is also handy for extra protection when needed.
  2. Otterbox Defender– While Otterbox has a wide range of smartphone cases, the Defender series takes the cake as a handy, protective rugged case. Its polycarbonate outer casing, silicone cushioning inside, and thick, durable clip will keep your phone protected in all kinds of situations.
  3. LifeProof– Want to better protect your iPhone from water, shocks, and dust? LifeProof cases can help! Not only do they give you ease of mind when it comes to your phone, but the sleek cases also come in an array of exciting colors.
  4. G-Form XTREME– This XTREME iPhone case by G-Form raises the phone case bar to a whole new level. This case features a unique design component, which stiffens on impact in order to absorb over 90% of the force from an impact. Its two layers of protection offer even more shock absorption.
  5. Ballistic Hard Core– Designed with four protective layers, the Ballistic HC series features optional layers for more vigorous activities, a screen protector, a soft silicone shock absorbent layer, and even a clip-on attachment.

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