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NextWorth Named One of the Best Internet Sites to Sell Old Gadgets

As fall approaches—and the rumored new iPhone announcement—you’re starting to looking at your old gadgets with disdain. You might have a cracked screen, an old operating system or are simply looking forward to having something new in your hands. If you’re considering selling your early model smartphones, tablets, gaming systems, or even DVDs and calculators, Complex.com (one of the best-read men’s culture sites in the world) suggests NextWorth as an online and in-store option:

“[NextWorth] welcomes most portable media devices, along with laptops, gaming consoles, e-readers, calculators, and select camera models (DSLR, point-and-shoot). NextWorth has special promotions throughout the year, recently promoting a 20 percent bonus on the value of all iPhones, iPods and iPads for the month of June. It also updates quotes every 21 days. Though payment is provided through a check or PayPal, thanks to an exclusive retail partnership with Target stores in the U.S., customers can trade-in their gadgets at retail locations and receive a Target gift card as well.”

With two great options to sell your electronics, both online and in-store at retailers nationwide, NextWorth gives you cash, gift cards or a check for your trade-in, however you want to do it. Plus, we award our loyal customers with opportunities for extra bonus value on their trade-in and gift cards for telling their friends. Sign up for our Refer-a-Friend program to learn more.

Ready to upgrade instantly? Find a Target store near you and start selling today! 

Are Wireless-Carrier Early Upgrade Plans Really Saving You Money?

If you haven’t heard, three wireless-carries are currently offering early upgrade plans (AT&T Next, T-Mobile Jump, and Verizon Edge) giving an opportunity for you to upgrade your phone more frequently than the typical two-year time frame. Sounds great, right? The plan allows you to get the latest and greatest smartphone without being locked in by your contract.

However, some conditions do apply.

In essence, the cost of your new phone upgrade is divided into monthly payments that are added to your data usage, minutes, and any other service fee you might have. Also, you must trade-in your old device to get the new one. This trade-in doesn’t give you top dollar like NextWorth does for your gently used and even broken electronics.

The Verge voices their opinion on the complicated plans of Next, Jump, and Edge. The article compiled the chart below comparing the cost of similar plans on each wireless-carrier. They calculated a T-Mobile Simple Choice Plan with unlimited talk and text and 2.5GB of data for $60 per month. On AT&T, they used the 2GB Mobile Share plan with unlimited talk and messaging for $95 per month. For Verizon, the Share Everything 2GB plan with unlimited talk and text for $100 per month.

Although these early upgrade plans seem to offer ease and convenience to give you the best device, they’re not really saving you money in the long run. You’re best solution to save money would be to buy unlocked cell phones. They may be more expensive upfront, but you won’t have the reoccurring cost or hidden fees that your wireless-carrier provides. Also, an unlocked cell phone will allow you to sell your phone to NextWorth whenever you’re ready for an upgrade, while under the early upgrade plan the phone ends up back in the hands of the carrier.

Selling electronics with NextWorth is easy and we work hard to always give you top dollar for your gently used and even broken devices. Plus, we reward our loyal customers with bonus values and gift cards with our Refer-a-Friend program.

Want to save money and sell your electronics conveniently with NextWorth? Search for your device on our website and get a price quote today! 

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Love NextWorth? Sign Up for Our Refer-a-Friend Program

Are you a loyal NextWorth customer that sells electronics when you’re no longer using them? Want to make money by telling your friends about NextWorth? We’ll tell you how with our Refer-a-Friend program! It’s easy to use and will help you and your friends earn extra cash. How does the program work?  If you haven’tRead More

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Upgrade Instantly When You Sell Electronics In-Store

Tired of scouring the Internet for the best prices when selling your used electronics? Want to get paid on the spot and upgrade your device at the same time? NextWorth has answers for you! Visit a participating NextWorth retailer to sell your electronics and receive instant store credit or a gift card you can useRead More