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Sell Your Smartphone Using the Samsung Trade-in Center

Here at NextWorth, we’re committed to offering top dollar for your devices and making it easier and more convenient to sell those items. Only our service lets you sell electronics online or at your favorite retail stores, and you can even choose how you’d like to be paid – via PayPal, check, or gift card. It’s up to you!

We’re continuing to make things easier for you by creating a specialized trade-in center for Samsung phones. Here’s how we see it: You want to buy the new Samsung Galaxy S4, and we want to buy your old one. Sell your Galaxy S3, Galaxy S2, Galaxy S, Infuse 4G, Epic 4G Touch, and more!

Follow these simple steps to sell your Samsung device:

  1. Visit our specialized Samsung Phone Trade-in Center.
  2. Choose which smartphone you’d like to sell and answer these simple questions:
    • Powers on and reset to factory settings?
    • Screen chipped, cracked, or have LCD damage?
    • Casing cracked or damaged?
    • Buttons present and fully functional?
    • Water damage?
  3. After answering the questions, you’ll receive your price quote. Add the item to your cart, print your free shipping label, and drop your device off at your local UPS store.

Once we receive your Samsung phone, we’ll inspect it and confirm its value. Then you’ll receive your check, gift card or PayPal deposit in about a week.

Have other electronics you want to sell? NextWorth accepts devices in 11 product categories from smartphones and calculators to DVDs and cameras.

The Digital Dump: Recycle Your Electronics Instead

As technology advances and more electronic devices are on the market, we have to find a place to dispose of all of these unused devices. Unfortunately, many electronics turn into e-waste filling landfills and creating a digital dump. As the problem piles up, many countries find it easier to ship their e-waste overseas. Here at NextWorth, we believe this problem can be solved in our homes by recycling electronics to local donation organizations or by trading in with us!

Visual.ly created “The Digital Dump” infographic to explain how quickly electronic waste is piling up and what devices are the biggest culprits.

 Piling Up Electronic Waste

  • Electronic waste (E-waste) is piling up around the world at a rate of 40 million tons per year. Do your part by recycling electronics when you’re finished using them. Click to Tweet!
  • The numbers are startling for electronic waste. The United States produces 3.3 million tons of e-waste in a year! Click to Tweet!

Electronic Waste by Device

  • How many TVs are there just in your household? Do you upgrade your TV every time there’s a new model or size differentiation? On average, the United States throws out 25 million TVs per year. Click to Tweet!
  • Think about the number of computers you use personally and add that number to the number of computers businesses use. On average, the United States throws out 47.5 million computers per year. Click to Tweet!
  • How many friends or family members own a cell phone? Do they upgrade their phone every year or every two years with a contract? On average, the United States throws out 100 million cell phones per year. Click to Tweet!

Assess the amount of electronics you own and if you’re contributing to the growing e-waste problem. Then, trade-in your electronics with us and be paid for doing your part to help get rid of e-waste.

Happy Earth Day from NextWorth!

On behalf of everyone here at NextWorth, we wanted to take the time to wish you a Happy Earth Day! How do you plan on celebrating the Earth today? There are plenty of things you can do from planting trees, recycling plastic bottles, or selling electronics. We want to know your creative plans to giveRead More

How to Utilize Renewable Resources

During the month of April, we tend to focus on our consumption habits and how we can better protect and preserve our planet. It doesn’t just have to be Earth Day to know Recycling 101 and how to utilize renewable resources. Types of renewable energy include: sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves, and geothermal heat. CheckRead More

Getting Rid of E-Waste

When we buy new cell phones or other electronic devices, what happens to all of the old or broken gadgets? Without taking the time to properly dispose of them, those devices get thrown away, creating e-waste. However, many electronic devices can be recycled and their parts reused. Fonebank created an “E-Waste: Recycle or Refuse?” infographicRead More

Celebrate Earth Day by Winning this Eco-Friendly iPad Accessory

You heard that right—we’re continuing our Earth Day celebration with an eco-friendly giveaway! We’ve connected with our good friends at Marware to give you the opportunity to win an eco-friendly accessory for your iPad. At the end of the month, we’ll pick three lucky winners who’ve shared the following eco-friendly facts via Twitter with anRead More

NextWorth Celebrates Earth Day with a 10% Bonus Value on All Trade-ins

We’re celebrating Earth Day the entire month of April! To start, we’re kicking off the month with a special promo code to help you recycle your old electronics and upgrade to the ones you need. Stay tuned during the rest of the month for an eco-friendly giveaway and helpful information about reducing your e-waste. WhileRead More