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5 Ways to Upcycle Items Around The House

Here at NextWorth, we promote recycling electronics through our trade-in program and reusing electronics through our eBay store where you can buy used gadgets. This philosophy is important in keeping gadgets out of landfills and controlling the e-waste problem.

However, did you know you could also save money by recycling? Whether you’re reinventing furniture or reusing containers, every little bit helps the environment. If you want to get more creative, check out these five ways to upcycle items around the house:

DIY Floppy Disk Planters

Upcycle your old floppy disks by making these great DIY planters. Simply, use hot glue to adhere five floppy disks together to make the planter. Then, place your succulents or hearty houseplants in for a decorative feel for your home office. 

Home Office Storage

Convert an old bread box into a charging station for your most used electronics! Drill a hole into the back of the bread box and thread the power-strip cord through. Use fiberboard or white cardboard to create the divider and you’re ready to charge your devices! 

Green Produce Bag 

Recycle your old t-shirts to create this reusable produce bag perfect for trips to the local farmer’s market or grocery store. It’s easy to make and requires a little sewing and cutting to create the finished product.

DIY Mosaic Ornaments

Upcycle your old CDs into beautiful works of art with this DIY mosaic ornament. Simply cut your CDs into triangles and glue them on to a clear glass ornament. The mosaics are perfect for year-round décor, not just for the holidays.

Mini Fridge Storage Unit

Have a mini fridge that doesn’t work anymore? Don’t trash it; transform it into a TV stand and storage unit for your video games or DVDs. This is a perfect way to hide the clutter of your gaming accessories!

Can’t think of a way to recycle old electronics around your house? Trade them in with us! NextWorth accepts electronics in 12 product categories from e-Readers and iPads to video games and iPhones.

How do you upcycle items around your home? Please share in the comments below! 

Attention Gamers: How to Trade-in Your Game Consoles and Video Games

With newly released video games and the upcoming PlayStation 4, it can be difficult to stay on top of the latest and greatest in gaming without breaking the bank. We want to help by showcasing how you can trade-in your old game console and video games.

Image via http://www.flickr.com/photos/zorin-denu/5714445672/

Trade-in your game consoles:

  1. Visit NextWorth.com and locate the Game Consoles category.
  2. Choose the game console you’d like to sell from Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PSP, and Nintendo DS and answer the simple condition questions specific to each gaming console, such as:
    • Powers on successfully?
    • Cracks, chips or dents on console?
    • Fully functional?
    • All buttons working?
    • Is the WiFi working?
    • Original cables?
    • Original box?
    • Working controller?
  3. After answering these questions, you’ll receive your quote.

Trade-in your video games:

  1. Visit NextWorth.com and locate the Video Games category.
  2. Choose the video game you’d like to sell and answer these simple questions:
    • Disc cracked or badly scratched?
    • Original artwork and booklet included?
    • Original case included?
  3. After answering these questions, you’ll receive your quote.

Add the gaming items to your cart, print your free shipping label, and drop your game console and video games off at your local UPS store. We cover the shipping so you get the most for your trade-in!

Once we receive your game console and video games, we’ll inspect them and confirm their value. Then you’ll receive your check, gift card, or PayPal deposit in about a week.

Need some extra cash to upgrade your electronics? Trade-in your old gadgets with NextWorth: from laptops and smartphones to digital cameras and graphic calculators. We offer competitive prices for your gently used electronics! 

HTC Announces HTC One as Flagship Android Phone

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Apps That Bring You Closer Together

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Getting Rid of Your Old Gadgets: LAPTOP, Mashable

With new phones and tablets debuting in 2013, there are going to be plenty of old gadgets perfect for trading in. Top tech sites LAPTOP Magazine and Mashable suggest thoroughly wiping, then selling or donating those old smartphones and tablets. The experts listed NextWorth as an option for getting the most for your trade-in. Learn moreRead More

BlackBerry 10 Review Round-up

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Tech-Worthy Super Bowl Commercials

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