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Date Extension for iPhone Trade-in Quotes!

To make it easier for you to upgrade to the anticipated new iPhone (tentatively scheduled to be announced on September 12), online quotes for all iPhone models received after August 20 are now guaranteed through at least October 1.

We want you to get the highest available value for your old iPhone–without trading in your old devices early–so we extended our usual 21-day price lock.

iPhone 5 image?

Rumored Look of the new iPhone - Photo Via Mashable

With the rumored September 12 announcement date looming, iPhone trade-in volume is up over 2,500% compared to the same period before the iPhone 4S launch. However, values are expected to decrease as the announcement approaches. By taking advantage of the value lock-in now can ensure you receive the best possible trade-in value.

Our CMO, Jeff, said it like this: “We are seeing an unprecedented amount of trade-ins, and we want to make sure our customers are getting the best prices. The best time to trade-in is now, so extending the lock-in period helps consumers get the best value for their old iPhones and not be without a device before the new iPhone is available.”

To get started on your iPhone trade-in quote, simply go to, select the appropriate iPhone model and answer a few questions about its condition. Print and save the free and fully insured UPS shipping label provided by NextWorth, and drop it off with UPS before October 1.

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4 Steps to Reducing Your E-waste Impact

As technology moves forward, so does the abundance of “must-have” gadgets and electronics. But what happens when the next round of “must-haves” show up? The old gadgets get tossed to the side, creating an abundance of e-waste.

Here’s how you can reduce your e-waste impact:

Be Informed

Did you know that the US disposes 400 million electronic items every year? It’s true—and sadly only 20% of them are properly recycled. Researchers estimate that 75% of old electronics that could be recycled aren’t—because they’re stuck in storage. Do you know where your old electronics are?

Reduce Your Usage

Maybe you don’t need one of every device available. Perhaps it isn’t necessary to update your digital camera every time a new version is released. Think about the number of electronics you actually need and cut back where you can. If you don’t have a device, it won’t turn into your e-waste.

Recycle Your Electronics

When it’s time to upgrade, replace an old device or try something new, don’t just throw away your old device. You can trade it in for cash, donate it to a charity or use it in a new, creative way.

Prevent Future E-Waste

Extend the productivity of your devices by taking better care of them. This can include using protective cases, staying up-to-date with new operating systems and avoiding memory overload.

There’s no denying the growth of e-waste in our highly gadget-centric world. By doing your part, you can help to reduce the epidemic.

How do you reduce your e-waste impact?

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