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Mashable and LAPTOP Talk NextWorth Trade-Ins

The announcement that the new MacBook Pro will feature Retina Display has many Apple enthusiasts excited. So excited, they’re trading in their old laptops to help take some of the stress off of their wallets to get the sleek new computer.

Some of our favorite tech sites have been discussing this very same topic, and suggesting NextWorth as an easy way to trade-in that old laptop – or any other electronic device – and make top dollar for it. Check out these posts from Mashable and LAPTOP:

Mashable: 5 Re-Commerce Sites That Will Buy Back Your Old Mac

NextWorth trade-in MashableMashable shares information from NextWorth CMO Jeff Trachsel in its article on trading in old computers.

“According to Jeff Trachsel, chief marketing officer for NextWorth, the best laptop trade-in values are for Apple, HP, Dell, Sony, Toshiba and Compaq. The highest-value laptops will likely come with Intel Core i7, Intel Core i5, Intel Core i3 or Intel Core2Duo 2.0+ GHz processors.”

LAPTOP: More for Your Money: The Best Trade-Ins for Your Old MacBook Pro

The writers at LAPTOP pointed out to readers that NextWorth offers the highest trade-in values for the 13″ MacBook Pro.

NextWorth trade-ins LAPTOP“When it comes to the 2010 13-inch model, NextWorth gives you the most cash in both categories, whether your MacBook Pro is in perfect or fair condition.”

iPhone’s 5 Year Reunion: Happy birthday, iPhone!

Take a moment tomorrow to stop and say Happy Birthday to one of your best friends: your iPhone. Five years ago, on June 29, 2007, the first ever iPhone hit shelves—so, that’s right, tomorrow the iPhone turns five.

happy birthday iPhone

In the past five years, the iPhone has come a long way. The iPhone 4S is the latest, and fifth, version of the smartphone. It boasts features like an 8 megapixel camera, voice assistant Siri and video chat client FaceTime. In honor of the phone’s fifth birthday, however, we’re taking a look back at the original iPhone to see just how far it’s come in the past five years.

The first iPhone DID have:

  • Visual Voicemail
  • Multi-touch gestures
  • HTML email
  • Safari web browser
  • Threaded text messaging
  • YouTube

However, that very first iPhone—as awesome as it was—was without the following (now seemingly basic) features:

  • MMS (multimedia messages, aka picture messages)
  • Copy and paste
  • Apps
  • 3G network

Perhaps even more surprising were the design “flaws” in the first generation iPhone. The headphone jack was sunken in, making it hard to use headphones (other that Apple’s) without an adapter. The phone was also much bulkier than the one we’re used to today and had rounded edges.

The iPhone has come a long way in just five short years, and we’ve loved every version along the way. However, if you’re still holding on to an older version of the iPhone, have no fear. We’ll buy your old iPhone—any generation—and give you cash to put toward an upgrade. Have an iPhone 4 but wanting to get your hands on the 4S? Today and tomorrow are your last chances to trade in-store at Target and get enough to trade up for free!

E-Waste: Is our World Becoming like WALL-E’s?

Today marks the fourth anniversary of the movie WALL-E.Ranked first in Times “Best Movie of the Decade,” WALL-E is a story that takes place in the future. As landfills uncontrollably spill onto land, humans create WALL-E, a robot, to clean up the waste-covered earth. Although the animated story is fiction, some resemblances exist between ourRead More

Keep it Cool with these Summer Gadgets

Summer is here—and it’s heating up. It’s also likely that no matter what summer activities you choose this summer, they’ll be some tech gadgets involved. If you’re looking for some fun new gadgets for the summer, check out these that will be sure to keep you “cool,” in every sense of the word. iPhone FanRead More

How to: Trade-in an iPad

3G, WiFi, black, white, AT&T, Verizon—these are just a few of the different kinds of iPads. Whether you want to upgrade to a new one, or are trading in for a different tablet, we’re here to give you cash for the one you have. When you’re ready to trade-in your iPad, here are three easyRead More

Help Dad with “Green Guilt” this Father’s Day

According to Urban Dictionary, Green Guilt is “the feeling that you should do more to help the environment and save the planet,” Or, “when you do something that is bad for the environment and feel guilty about it.” A recent survey indicated that about 29% of Americans admit to having feelings of green guilt from timeRead More

WWDC 2012: The Announcements

Yesterday was the opening day of WWDC. The show got off to a great start with a keynote from Apple CEO Tim Cook to show off some “really cool stuff.” In case you missed it, here’s what Apple revealed to us: 1.  New MacBooks Apple plans to update both the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro linesRead More

4 Fun Things do With Your Old Electronics

iPods. Cell phones. Digital cameras. Tablets. E-readers. Calculators. Laptops. More likely than not, you have one (or more) of those gadgets, which you no longer use, laying around your house. Since you’re no longer using them, it’s probably time to let them go. And, lucky for you, getting rid of old electronics can actually beRead More

NextWorth in the New York Times

NextWorth has long known the value of outdated and unused electronics. Now, the New York Times is spreading the word as well! In a recent article that appeared in both print and online, writer Mickey Meece points out that, according to consultants at Compass Intelligence, “more than 278 million mobile devices lie idle or deactivated inRead More

WWDC 2012: iOS 6 Rumors

Apple’s annual developers conference kicks off on Monday with a keynote presentation from Tim Cook. The anticipation is building up online, as the event is likely to bring some new Apple products to the world—most notably, iOS 6. We scoured the web to find some of the most popular rumors about the new operating system:Read More