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How to: Trade-in a Kindle

Here at NextWorth, we accept hundreds of different devices. Today, however, we’re looking a one that’s become increasingly popular in the past few years: the Kindle e-reader. Whether you have the first version, the Kindle Touch or the Kindle Fire, if you’re ready for a change, we can help.

When you’re ready to trade-in your Kindle, here are three easy steps:

trade-in a kindle for cash

Photo Credit: PCWorld

  1. Visit and locate the Kindle section
  2. Choose which Kindle you have and answer these simple questions:
    • Does it power on?
    • Does the batter work?
    • Are the buttons all present and functional?
    • Is the display fully functional?
    • Is the screen damaged?
    • Are there dents or chips in the body?
    • Are there scratches on the body?
    • Is the audio jack fully functional?
    • Is the AC charger included?
    • Is the USB adapter included?
  3. Get your quote and free shipping label, box it up and send it to us!

It’s that simple. Once we receive your Kindle and inspect it, you’ll receive a check (or giftcard) in about a week. Want to make your trade in person? That’s easy, too! Simply locate a participating Target store near you, and stop by to trade in your Kindle (or any other gadget you’d like to trade).

Do you have any questions about trading in your Kindle? We’re happy to answer them! Simply leave a comment below and we’ll answer as soon as possible.

Recycled Cell Phones: The Art of Today

With new cell phones emerging almost every day, Americans are updating their phones regularly. However, where we’re really good at buying new phones, we’re not so good at properly disposing of the old ones. There are ways to recycle your old cell phones, but some green, creative-driven minds have taken recycling cell phones to a whole new level.

Check out some of these inspired art pieces created from—that’s right—recycled cell phones:

Vintage 40’s Telephone Sculpture

This sculpture from Rosie Leventon is made of mobile phones that have had the inner components removed and been flattened. The artist, a resident of the UK, made the sculpture to speak to the fact that people in the UK are disposing thousands of cell phones without recycling them properly.

recycled cell phone art

Courtesy of

Cell Phone Christmas Tree

The staff of the Westcom Electronics Mall in Vietnam constructed a Christmas tree of 2,500 old cell phones last year. The tree, which stands nearly five meters tall, “reflected the reality that Vietnam was fast becoming a huge electronic wasteland.”

recycled cell phone christmas tree

Courtesy of

Recycled Phone Art

Artist Rob Pettit has devoted much of his career to art composed entirely of recycled cell phones. His fans praise him for his art that recycles and repurposes old mobile phones that would otherwise be going to the landfill.

recycled cell phone art

Courtesy of


Have you seen any recycled cell phone art? Share links to your favorite pieces by leaving a comment below!

How to Purge Your DVD Collection without Getting rid of any Movies

How many DVDs do you have in your entertainment center? 20? 50? 100? In today’s world of Netflix and Hulu, it’s unlikely that you even use those DVDs very often—they’re just taking up space. However, it can be hard to part with your movie collection. So don’t. Your whole music collection is digital, so whyRead More

Going Green with Digital Music

The migration to digital music is a great one for many reasons. One of those being the reduction of physical CDs and the plastic it takes to make them (as well as their packaging). On first glance, it seems that it’s a positive move for environmental reasons, however that’s not always true. Now, instead ofRead More

SmartMoney Gets Green for Gadgets With NextWorth

To celebrate Earth Day at the end of April, SmartMoney put together a great article discussing the rise in e-waste recycling. Right in line with NextWorth’s mission to keep electronics from landfills, the post states “e-waste recycling jumped 53% last year, with landfills spared some 460 million pounds of consumer electronics, according to the CEA.”Read More

Australia Launches first National E-waste Recycling Program

E-waste is a real problem in the world today. In the US alone, we know that 90 percent of cell phones are improperly disposed of. Here at NextWorth, we do what we can to help reduce that number—by offering cash for your old electronics. Then, we make sure they’re refurbished and reused or properly recycled.Read More

3 Tech Rumors that turned out to be False

“Rumors generally grow deformed as they travel.”  – Edward Counsel Rumors. They’re something we’ve all heard from time to time. Our favorite kinds of rumors are those that revolve around the latest developments in technology. We were actually guilty of perpetuating rumors about the iPhone 5 (which turned out to actually be the iPhone 4S).Read More

How often do You Replace Your Phone?

According to a study done in 2011, Americans change phones more often than anyone else in the world. The study found that we’re upgrading about every 21.7 months, which makes sense, as most phone services are based on two-year contracts. Because of the two-year contract set up, many Americans, even though they’re trading the mostRead More

Three Gadgets You can Trade Today!

As the old phrase says, why put off until tomorrow what you can do today? We can almost guarantee that you have some old, unused gadgets lying around your home. Instead of letting them spend another day collecting dust, gather them up and trade them in for cash! Here are three gadgets you can tradeRead More

Five Gadget Firsts

What kind of gadgets do you love? Cell phones, laptops, e-readers…regardless of which device is your favorite, have you ever thought about what the very first version of that gadget was like? Today we’re looking at the starting point of some of today’s everyday gadgets. First telephone—In 1875, Alexander Graham Bell made that famous firstRead More