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Wall Street Journal Features NextWorth

To help consumers sort through the sea of electronics trade-in options, the Wall Street Journal recently featured a great article comparing various options. NextWorth is proud to have been included in this comparison and offer the writer a high value for her electronics.

Wall Street Journal: Parting With Old Electronics is Such Sweet Sorrow

Wall Street Journal NextWorth Electronics Trade

The Wall Street Journal compared a variety of electronics trade-in programs, including NextWorth. NextWorth offered money for the items the older electronic items writer was trading in, but the user-friendly website made the experience simple and easy! The writer, Alina Dizik, had this to say:

“The site’s (NextWorth’s) search bar was our favorite to use and made it simple to see what gadgets we could sell. The site had a wide variety of products it accepted, including calculators.”

Interested in trading your gadgets? Get started today!

iPhone 5 Rumors (Round 2)

Last October, many Apple fans were disappointed when Tim Cook announced the iPhone 4S, not the iPhone 5. Rumors had been swirling for months, and very few of them came true. However, last year’s let down hasn’t put a damper on this year’s iPhone rumors.

A recent Huffington Post article shares info from Piper Jaffray employee, Gene Munster:

“…said in an interview on Bloomberg [the iPhone 5] will be ‘the mother of all upgrades.’ That’s right: The next iPhone is literally going to birth out of its headphone jack, from the sheer force of its improvements, every other upgrade to anything ever. 

Munster predicts a new form factor for the iPhone, the addition of 4G LTE, and ‘lines around shopping malls’ when it comes out in October.”

The same article points to a rumor that the next iPhone will be made of “liquid metal” instead of glass. Some analysts believe the use of this “amorphous metal alloy” will allow the iPhone 5 to be slimmer than previous models.

As we were last year, we’re sitting on pins and needles waiting to hear about the newest Apple iPhone. We’ll also be prepping for trade-ins of iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, as you all trade in order to upgrade!

What rumors have you heard about the iPhone 5? 

In Honor of Earth Day, Eliminate your Electronic Waste

Sunday is Earth Day! Even though it’s always important to be conscious of our environment, it never hurts to have a day dedicated to it. This year, we’re looking at Earth Day as the day to start your fight against e-waste. In 2009, 90 percent of replaced cell phones were improperly disposed of, leading toRead More

The Dos and Don’ts of Cell Phone Etiquette

Ninety percent of people say they witness some sort of misuse of technology on a daily basis. Whether that faux pas is done by others or the witness themselves, most of us are in agreement that things are getting out of hand. One of the biggest problems is with cell phone etiquette. Today, we’ve compiledRead More

5 Everyday Devices Being Replaced by Your Smartphone

The growth of mobile technology is gradually eliminating the need for (what used to be) everyday gadgets. As we saw with the new iPad, devices like iPods, laptops, and e-readers may just become obsolete. However, it’s not just iPads that are taking over. Even your smartphone is replacing gadgets you used to use regularly. ThinkRead More

Spring Cleaning Your Tech

Tis the time of year for some spring cleaning. To most people, this means throwing open the windows, dusting off your favorite cleaning shoes, and getting to work. However, spring cleaning needn’t be just about purging the attic and washing the windows. There are also some important technology-related spring cleaning tasks you can perform. ThisRead More

NextWorth Interview on TechTalk Radio

At NextWorth, we love letting people know that there’s a way to get money for their old electronics. That’s why we jumped at the chance to speak with the TechTalk radio show on WRLR 98.3 in Chicago! We spoke with Mike and Dave about which products tend to hold trade-in value the longest, the benefitsRead More

Inherent Protection from Water Damage to Your Phone

After your mobile phone is water damaged, it’s usually ruined.  Even if it still works, the value of your phone will be greatly diminished. Since we’re all about protecting your gadgets to ensure the highest value when you go to trade it, we know how important it is to keep away the water. That’s why weRead More