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5 Secret iPhone Features

iPhone. You all know what it is and what it does. With five different versions of the smartphone on the market, it’s likely that you’ve has experience with more than one type of iPhone. However, no matter how iPhone-savvy you are, there might actually be a few little tricks up the phone’s sleeve that you haven’t used yet.

Here are five of our favorite (secret) iPhone features:

1. Use the Volume Button on your Headphones to Snap a Photo

You probably already knew that you could use the + Volume button to snap a photo on your iPhone, but did you also know you could use the one on your headphones?

2. Create Texting Shortcuts

Under the Keyboard settings on your iPhone is a place called “Shortcuts.” Here you can type a phrase—maybe something you say multiple times a day—and enter a shortcut for it. Then when you’re typing, use the shortcut and the full phrase will appear. An example: use “adr” for your address or “otw” for “On the way!”

texting shortcuts iphone

 3. Zoom to the Top of a Page

It can be annoying to try to scroll all the way to the top of the page on your iPhone—especially if you’re deep in a website or all the way to the Ws of your contacts. An easy way to get to the top? Tap the clock. This will auto-scroll you to the top of the page in a flash!

4. See the Weekly View of Your Calendar

In the latest version of iOS 5, simply turn your iPhone on its side and your calendar will switch from monthly to weekly.

iphone secrets

 5. Take a Screenshot

Probably one of the coolest (secret) features of the iPhone is the ability to take a screenshot. If you’re on a page you’d like to snap a shot of, simply press the lock and home buttons simultaneously. The screen will flash and you’ll have a shot of the screen saved in your phone’s photo album (Actually the photos in this blog post are iPhone screenshots!).


So, did you know these secret iPhone features? If not, go try them out. If you don’t have an iPhone to try them out with, then now’s the time to get one! You can trade in whatever phone it is you do have for some cash to put toward the newest iPhone—the iPhone 4S.

Also, a shout out to AppStorm for sharing their secrets with us!

Refer a Friend to NextWorth and Get Extra Cash!

Today we’re excited to announce a new program to help YOU get more cash for your gadgets! Starting now, you can enroll in our Refer-a-Friend program (for free) and get a $10 bonus for your friends’ trades.

nextworth refer a friend

Registering is easy—if you’re making a trade, you’re given the option to enroll during checkout, or you can go to the Refer-A-Friend page directly and sign up. After signing up, you’ll receive a custom URL and promo code to share with your friends. Each time a friend uses your URL or promo code to make a trade with a value greater than $50, you’ll get $10!

The program is good on any of the electronics we accept, including iPhones, iPods, iPads, tablets, cameras, e-readers, game consoles, laptops and more!

Have questions about the Refer-A-Friend program? We’re happy to help! Simply leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. 

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