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Frequently Asked Question: Which iPod Nano Do I Have?

When it comes time to sell your gadgets, one of the toughest things (other than properly assessing the condition of your device) is knowing which generation you have. This is especially true when it comes to Apple iPods.

Not only does Apple consistently roll out new models of the iPod, but each model has several generations. The iPod nano probably has the biggest range of differences from generation to generation—however, because there are so many, it can be hard to remember which generation you have.

Here’s a guide to help!

Which iPod Nano Do I Have?

First, note that there are six (6) generations of iPod Nanos. We’ll take a look at each of them, starting with the most recent. All data sourced from Apple.com.

  1. iPod nano (6th generation) – Available in 6 colors, in either 8 or 16 GB. This version has a Multi-Touch display. Released in September 2010.
    iPod nano 6th gen
  2. iPod nano (5thgeneration) – Available in 9 colors, either 8 or 16 GB. Utilizes a Click Wheel. Includes a camera and microphone, as well as anodized aluminum finish. Released September 2009.iPod nano 5th gen
  3. iPod nano (4thgeneration) – Available in 9 colors, either 8 or 16 GB. Utilizes a Click Wheel. Has  a curved surface, oval shape (from top or bottom) and taller screen than previous versions.  Released September 2008.iPod nano 4th gen
  4.  iPod nano (3rdgeneration) – Available in 5 colors, either 4 or 8 GB. Utilizes a Click Wheel. Shorter body and wider screen than previous models. It’s the first nano with the ability to play video. Released September 2007.iPOd nano video
  5. iPod nano (2ndgeneration) – First available in multiple colors (5) with 2,4, or 8 GB. Utilizes a Click Wheel. Dock connector and headphone jack are on the bottom. Released September 2006.iPOd nano 2nd gen
  6. iPod nano – Available in black or white with 1, 2 or 4 GB. Utilizes a Click Wheel. Dock connector and headphone jack are on the bottom. Released September 2005.

original ipod nano


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Now’s the Time to get Top Dollar for Your Used iPad – CNET & PC World Suggest NextWorth

The smell of the iPad 3 is in the air. The (anticipated) pending release date of March 7 has many early adopters chomping at the bit. If you’re one of them, you should know that now’s the time to prepare. As CNET and PCWorld note, if you want some extra cash to offset the cost of the new tablet, it’s time to sell that current iPad 2. Check out these articles to find out exactly why:

CNET: How to get top dollar for your used iPad 2

CNET trade ipad

Writer Rick Broida compares our services to that of Gazelle, and had this to say:

“NextWorth asks for a lot more specifics regarding your iPad’s condition (‘is it engraved,’ for example), and offers a maximum of $274.50 for one that’s ‘like new.’ And if you have a Target store nearby, you can walk in with your iPad and walk out with cash (or a Target credit), as NextWorth has partnered with the chain.”

PCWorld: iPad 3 is Coming, So Get Top Dollar for Your iPad 2 Now

pc world trade ipad

Tony Bradley notes that now’s the time to trade, if you want the greatest value for your iPad:

“According to NextWorth.com, the value of the original iPad experienced a steep decline following the announcement and availability of the iPad 2. Based on the historical data, we are already inside of the window where the perceived value of the iPad 2 could drop significantly.”

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