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Mac Life & Tech Goes Strong Recommend NextWorth for Trading iPhone 4

We’ve been stressing that now is the time to trade-in your iPhone 4 (or at least lock-in your price). However, you don’t have to just take our word for it—many places around the web are talking about the need to sell now to get the best price.

Some of these places are even recommending us as the place to make your trade! Check out excerpts of these stories from Mac Life and Tech Goes Strong (click on the titles to read the full articles):

Mac Life: Going to Upgrade? NextWorth is Offering $250 for Your AT&T iPhone 4

maclife nextworth

Hoping to upgrade to the next iPhone? Do you have have an AT&T iPhone 4, either 16GB or 32GB, in good working condition with no heavy scratches or cracks?…

NextWorth claims the process is easy to get a quote, and that quotes are good for 21 days…

Investing in that super-protective case when you got your iPhone 4 seems pretty smart now, right?”

Tech Goes Strong: UPDATED: iPhone 5 To Be Unveiled Oct. 4; Sell Now?

TechGoesStrong nextworth


“…what do you do with your soon-to-be old iPhone 4 (“old iPhone 4” has got to be an oxymoron)?

If you’re considering selling your current iPhone 4 or 3GS, you may want to think about selling it BEFORE Apple announces the iPhone 5…

NextWorth can quote you a price now – AND LOCK IN THAT PRICE FOR THE NEXT 21 DAYS.”

Any questions about our iPhone 4 offer? Leave a comment below or give us a shout onTwitter!

Free iPhone 5 Upgrade Plus an Extra $50 from NextWorth!

The anticipation is building as the rumors swirl that the iPhone 5 will be revealed on October 4. We’ve looked at various iPhone 5 rumors and showed you how the release of the iPhone 4 affected trade-in prices of the iPhone 3G/3GS.

In light of that, we have a special offer!

iPhone 4 whiteiPhone 4 black


Between now and the day before Apple announces the new iPhone, we are guaranteeing $250 for all 16GB and 32GB AT&T iPhone 4s! To qualify, your phone must be in good, working condition with no heavy scratches or cracks. Our 21-day price lock allows you to lock-in this price now and then send us your phone within a 21-day period. Assuming the iPhone 5 upgrade is $199, this will allow you to upgrade to the new iPhone for free and put an extra $50 in your pocket!


The process is simple, just follow the steps below:          

  1. Select your iPhone 4 and answer a few questions about its condition
  2. Print our pre-paid shipping label, carefully pack your phone and give it to UPS
  3. Once we receive the item, we make sure that the item is in the condition described
  4. We’ll pay you within 7-10 days of inspecting your iPhone

What are you waiting for? Get started now!

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NextWorth/Target Partnership: Trade Your Gadgets at Target’s Mobile Kiosks!

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Video: Want Cash for Your Unused Electronics? Trade them in with NextWorth!

Want to get the newest gadgets, but have nothing to do with the ones you currently have? Trade them in with NextWorth! We give you an easy way to recycle your gadgets — and we’ll even give you cash! Find out how our process works in this video: Have questions? Leave a comment below!

We Want to Hear Your NextWorth Story!

Have you used NextWorth? What was your experience like? Was it a simple process? Why did you choose NextWorth? Was it the competitive trade-in prices or the multiple payback options? Maybe you just wanted to responsibly discard your old or unused electronics. Or perhaps you needed to trade in your new gadgets so you couldRead More