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Buy-Back Basics

Kelli Grant, Senior Consumer Reporter for SmartMoney.com, reported on CBS News some Buy-Back-Basics. As she mentioned in the news segment shown below, you can instantly trade-in your iPhone or other smartphone at Target and receive a Target Prepaid Card. The Card can be used to make any purchase in the store or at Target.com. Kelli also mentions the advantages of a buy-back program over pre-paying to guarantee a resell price programs just launched by Best Buy and Square Trade.

Kelli also mentions you can go online and get cash for your trade-in. She mentions NextWorth and a competitive site. Today you can receive up to $379 for a iPhone 4 16 GB versus up to $360 for the same phone on the competitive site. NextWorth provides leading prices for all electronic products.

Kelli also offers some good advice on how to always get top value for your smartphone.

                                                CLICK HERE TO SEE THE CBS NEWS REPORT

NextWorth Smartphone Trade-in Value Index

Thinking of upgrading to a new Smartphone?

The moment we buy a new Smartphone, it will start to loose it’s value. However with NextWorth’s trade-in program, Smartphone owners can reduce the overall cost of their ownership.
When  selecting the right smartphone, one needs to consider which phone will best retain it’s resell value over time. To help consumers, we have developed the ” NextWorth Trade-in Value Index”. This index shows the current NextWorth trade-in value as a percentage of the original retail value. The average retail sales price ranges between $499 and $699 for a new smartphone.  In our index we have included smartphones that were introduced between May and July 2010. 
The iPhone 4 32GB and 16GB top the NextWorth index. Both phones can currently be sold for over 60% of their retail value. Thats good news for AT&T iPhone subscribers that want to switch to  the new Verizon iPhone 4.  They will receive more than the $199 subsidized price of a 2 year Verizon iPhone 4 plan. 
                                     NEXTWORTH SMARTPHONE TRADE-IN VALUE INDEX
As of February 10, 2011

NextWorth Again the Leader in iPhone Trade-in Values

Get ready to trade-in to the new iPhone 4. Whether you select Verizon or AT&T, it has never been more affordable to trade-up to the latest iPhone 4. NextWorth is again the price leader this week. Here is a comparison of the Trade-in Values for the iPhone 3Gs models in perfect conditon. Trade-in Values forRead More

Verizon iPhone 4 pre-sale sold out!

In less than 19 hours, Verizon has stopped taking any iPhone 4 pre-sale orders. Only Verizon customers were eligible to take advantage of the pre-sale.  It is unclear how many iPhones Verizon actually sold during this pre-sale event. Those Verizon customers that were lucky to place their pre-sale order will receive their new iPhones nextRead More

Target, NextWorth buy back iPhones and other used gadgets

Target’s new electronics trade-in trade-up program makes it easy and affordable to upgrade to the new iPhone 4, Apple iPod, Motorola Droid and video games at 847 stores.