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This Weeks Popular Video Game Trade-ins

Top 20 Most Popular Video Game Trade-ins 
For the week ending, January 29, 2011  the Top Twenty most sought after video game trade-ins are shown below.  Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (XBOX 360) tops the charts this week. Super Mario Galaxy ( Ninetendo Wii) continues to be one of the most popular trade-ins. NextWorth continues to offer top value for video games. Trade-in online or at a nearby Target store. 
                                     Top 20 Video Game Trade-ins

As of January 29, 2011

Video Game Trade-In Deals

Top 20 Most Popular Trade-in Values
Starting this week we are going to publish the Top Twenty most sought after video game trade-ins. Our list will give you the average trade-in value. This past couple of weeks, NextWorth has dramatically increased its video game selection to over 7,000 games.
                                           Top Twenty Video Games

As of January 21, 2011

Target Trade-in Deals:

Starting on Sunday January 23rd thru January 29th , you can receive extra savings when you trade-in your video games at the Target Mobile Kiosk.  Trade-in 2 or more video games and you will receive a Target prepaid card for the value of your trade-in plus a  $10 OFF Coupon towards the purchase of one of the video games listed below:

  • Shaun White Skateboarding for Wii or Xbox 360 or PS3 or
  • Sesame Street: Cookie’s Counting Carnival for DS or
  • Castlevania Lords of Shadow for Xbox 360 or PS3 or
  • Sesame Street: Elmo’s A to Zoo Adventure for DS or
  •  EA Active 2 for Wii or Xbox 360 Kinect or PS3 or
  • Rock Band 3 for Wii or Xbox 360 or PS3 or
  • Toy Story 3 for Wii or Xbox 360 or PS3 or
  • NBA 2K11 for Wii or Xbox 360 or PS3 or
  •  DJ Hero 2 for Wii or Xbox 360 or PS3 or
  •  Cars Toon Mater’s Tall Tales for Wii or
  • Dead Rising 2 for Xbox 360 or PS3  or
  • Split/Second for Xbox 360 or PS3 or
  • UFC 2010 for Xbox 360 or PS3 or
  • Mafia II for Xbox 360 or PS3 or
  • Disney’s Guilty Party for Wii or
  • Hollywood Squares for Wii  or
  • Monster Hunter Tri for Wii


iPhone 4 – Differences Between AT&T and Verizon

iPhone 4 Antenna comparison AT&T on left and Verizon on right The differences between the iPhone 4 offered by AT&T and Verizon are very subtle. It is obvious that Apple did this on purpose. From our analysis of the industry available data it appears the following holds true: Both phones have the same dimensions.  The Verizon PhoneRead More


Speculation is Verizon’s iPhone offering will be differentiated in two ways: Using the CDMA network. Offering an unlimited data plan. (According to a second WSJ report this weekend.) The CDMA network is already considered by many to be superior to AT&T’s solution. AT&T has suffered from consumer disastisfaction with its network since it’s introduction of the iPhone inRead More

Verizon iPhone Imminent!

Verizon this afternoon sent to a select group of press an invite for an event in New York City on Tuesday, January 11, days after the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show comes to a close. The Wall Street Journal confidently reports Verizon will be announcing the launch of iPhone on its network. It is unclear when the iPhone will be first availableRead More

CES 2011 – No “I” Word From Verizon CEO

CEO Ivan Seidenberg Today at CES’s high-profile speech of Verizon CEO, Ivan Seidenberg, the Apple “I” word was not mentioned once. That leaves all of Verizon wireless subscribers still asking the big question WHEN? Instead the discussion focused on the new networked world. “Young people are telling us around the planet that [connectivity] is like another skin,Read More


Apple iPad CES 2011 is less than One Day away! The speculation is this year’s event will feature the TABLET COMPUTER — Apple iPad imitiations! Forester is predicting that over 82 million Americans will own a tablet by 2015 — or more than one-third of U.S. adults. Forrester also estimates that 10.3 million tablet computers wereRead More